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Peaceful cottages on the lakeside and campsites suitable for the whole family.

Cottages offering peace and privacy

Waking up to the peaceful views of one of Savo’s many lakes, the water soothing your soul, the sound of the birds gently awakening you from your deep night’s sleep. That’s Savo, the Capital of Lakeland.

Surround yourself with this exquisite nature by staying at one of the thousands of cottages in the region. From back-to-the-basics rustic or high-end luxury villas, no matter what size group, you will find a cottage that suits your needs. Cottages deep in the forest or nestled in one of the region’s many golf courses, the options are endless.

Tahko Tourism Centre has the widest range of villas and cottages, but the whole Savo region is full of beautiful cottages close to nature. In fact, Kuopio has the largest selection of cottages in the whole of Finland. Some of the largest cottages can accommodate over 20 guests, making them ideal for meetings or events where you need more space.

Mökit ja leirintäalueet Pohjois-Savossa

Camping in the magnificent lakeland nature

The largest camping site in the Kuopio region is located in Rauhalahti, south of the city, and easily reached by motorway. Rauhalahti Holiday Centre has over two hundred caravan places, a large range of cabins, a tent area, restaurant services, a beach, and activities for the whole family.

Within walking distance, the Spa Hotel Rauhalahti offers additional services and there are bus and waterway connections to the city center in the summer.

Also nestled in the beautiful lakeside scenery, is Metsäkartano camping site, in Rautavaara north of Kuopio. Perfect for a summer break, there are dozens of caravan and tent pitches. Metsäkartano is one of the most popular nature tourism centers in the lakeland area and offers a large array of outdoor activities.


Cottages and villas at Tahko

A cottage or villa is the quintessential Tahko accommodation, suitable for all seasons and all sizes of groups.

Tahko’s hundreds of rental cottages are the perfect relaxed accommodation for family, friends and even business.

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