In Kuopio, the captivating nature and the touch of the city combine in a unique way. Or have you ever walked through pristine evergreen forest in the middle of the city? Kuopio’s speciality is the Puijo’s ancient forest, which grows in the middle of the city and reaches over 200 meters above sea level. From the top of the mountain, the city’s most famous landmark, Puijo Tower, greets travelers.

In Kuopio, the distance from home to nature is at most 500 meters. A quarter of the beautiful harbor city’s area is water, and half is pure forest landscape rising beyond the horizon. Kuopio is the municipality with the most summer cottages in all of Finland, with a total of over 10,800. It’s no wonder that people come to the area every year to enjoy the comfort of cottage life.

The city also has several comfortable hotels, countless interesting cultural sites, magnificent architecture, charming old streets, high-quality restaurants, fun playgrounds, and beautiful nature. The capital of Lakeland, Kuopio, is therefore a popular, all-year-round travel destination thanks to its colorful culture, delicious food, and beautiful urban nature.

The central area surrounding the Kuopio Market Square is just the right size to explore by foot. However, you should also take the opportunity to visit cultural, sports, and nature attractions in other parts of the city, which can be reached by car or easily by bus and electric city bikes in the summer. Many of these sites can also be reached by boat along the Kallavesi or by your own boat.

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