Haminalahti Culture Trail

Haminalahti Culture Trail

Leirikuja 13

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In the footsteps of von Wright brothers

Haminalahti culture trail goes through the landscapes painted by the famous von Wright brothers. Von Wright brothers were artists and they grew up in Haminalahti, Kuopio. The culture trail presents the artwork of the brothers from the 19th century, the landscapes of their birthplace today and other cultural history of Haminalahti.

The trail is 3,1 kilometers long, but it also has a 1,2 km separated route to Mustalahti. The trail goes through forest paths and country roads and is recommended to hike when there is no snow and ice on the ground.

The culture trail is marked with signs and poles with a wood grouse symbol. The trail is relatively easy to hike, but it has some height differences along the way. There are stairs at the most steepest places.

There is a parking area at the starting point of the trail and a lean-to with firewood. The area also has a toilet, info-board and a waste disposal site. Address to the parking lot and the starting point: Leirikuja 13.

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