Kuopio’s thousands of lakes are every fisherman’s dream.

Best fishing waters of Finnish Lakeland

The clean waters of the Finnish Lakeland are a real treasure of nature and are perfect for the fishing enthusiast. 

In addition to the large waters such as lake Kallavesi in Kuopio, Syväri in Tahko and others, the catch is excellent in smaller lakes and ponds as well. You can go fishing independently or take a part in guided fishing trips organized by local service companies, where the experts of local waters will guide you with everything you need to know. Comfortable accommodations are always closeby. 

Surrounded by the big lake Kallavesi, Kuopio has great opportunities for fishing. The city has more than 9,000 hectares of water in northern and southern Kallavesi, as well as smaller water areas including ponds and lakes. 

Trout, pike and white wish are planted in the water areas every year and you can fish by a single pole, a fishing rod or a ice fishing rod in the winter. Once you’ve paid a fishing fee, you can also fish by a lure or a fly. More information about the fishing grounds and various fees can be found on the Kuopio city website. 

We’d also recommend taking a look at the Iso-Valkeinen sport fishing venue, where the city plants rainbow trout and whitefish each year.

Kalastusta Valkeisenlammella

Fishing in Tahko

In the Tahko area, fishing is possible throughout the year in the Syväri and Vuotjärvi lakes, and also in the nearby salmon pond and the Lastukoski rapid. Regional companies can arrange shorter and longer fishing trips, and in the summer, you can fish with lures and flys. In the winter season you can try traditional jig fishing on the ice of the lakes and the ponds, net fishing and pike angling. 

Tahko, Kuopio and surroundings have endlessly fish-filled waters and it’s never far to travel. Year-round fishing places are also available in Sonkajärvi’s Jyrkänkoski, Rautavaara, Iisalmi region and other nearby waters.  

Those planning fishing trips should explore the many local cottage rentals available or a beach accommodation giving you instant access to the waters. Often the price of beach accommodation includes a rowing boat and fishing license, or fishing equipment is available at the reception. A true one-stop-shop for the avid fisher.