Kanjonin kierros Maaningalla

Kanjonin kierros

5,5 km nature trail near Korkeakoski waterfall.

Kanjonin kierros

Tuovilanlahdentie 167

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Kanjonin kierros “The canyon tour”

Kanjonin kierros, “The canyon tour”, is located near the famous sight – Korkeakoski waterfall in Maaninka. Kanjonin kierros is a 5,5 km long circular route. 3,5 km of the route is a nature trail and 2 km is an asphalt.

Nature trail goes down to the canyon and has large height differences, therefore the terrain is challenging to hike. There are also some wooden stairs along the way. Kanjonin kierros is marked with the color red and in the middle of the trail, along the river there is a nice shed with fireplaces.

The starting point of the trail is 400m from the Korkeakoski parking area (Korkeakoskentie 111, 71775 Maaninka). Walk along the road to Pielavedentie.

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