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Lippumäki Ice Rink

Lippumäki Ice Rink

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Synthetic Ice Rink in Kuopio

Lippumäki Ice Rink in Kuopio has been divided into two sections, one for ice skating and the other for ice hockey players.

To ensure that everyone will continue to have a good time using the rink, the 400-metre ice skating track surrounding the venue is reserved for tour skaters and speed skaters during specific times. During the slots reserved for tour skaters, they skate the 400 m track in a counter-clockwise direction. No skiers with hockey sticks may use the venue at this time. This is done for safety reasons.

If you are planning to go ice skating in Lippumäki, please make sure to check that the ice rink is free to use!

Good to know

  • Heated locker rooms serve skaters during the opening hours in Tuplajäät ice arena, located next to the ice rink. 
  • The ice rink is maintained on Saturdays between 6AM and 9AM and on other days between 6AM and 8AM. During these hours, the rink is not available for other use. 
  • The time required for maintenance in daytime during weekdays may vary depending on the condition of the ice and prevailing weather conditions.

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