Nilsiän satama

Nilsiä harbour

Guest boat pier, fuel supply, septic tank drainage, restaurant

Nilsiä Harbour

Ukko-Paavontie 2

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Nilsiä port services

Nilsiä harbour is a small summer paradise next to the city center of Nilsiä. It gathers crowds from near and far to the beaches, terraces and parks of Nilsiä. When boating to Tahko, Nilsiä is the last stop and also the place to refuel. Nilsiä harbour also serves as an excellent place to visit for nearby boaters.

  • Guest boat pier
  • Fuel supply
  • Water supply
  • Electricity points
  • Waste disposal
  • Septic tank drainage

Contact information

  • Nilsiä port services and harbour restaurant Syvärin Helmi
    • tel. +358 440 481 456

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