Orinoron rotko Leppävirralla

Orinoro Gorge

One of the seven wonders in Savo.

Orinoro Gorge

Mustinmäentie 83

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Orinoro gorge in Leppävirta

Orinoro gorge is one of the seven wonders in Savo region. The vertical walls of the narrow gorge, were carved by glaciers during the last Ice Age. The gorge is approximately 200 meters long, with a mximum depth of almost 20 meters. At the bottom of the gorge is a spring, which is why snow and ice remain there as late as June.

The nature trail of Orinoro is about 7 km long and provides excellent examples of typical Finnish nature in its different forms. Please note that during winter you might need snowshoes as there is no trail leading to the gorge.

How to get there?

Orinoro gorge is located in Mustinmäki, 16 kilometers from Leppävirta.

There is two different ways to get there:

  • Mustinmäki-talo (Mustinmäki community house), address: Mustinmäentie 83.
    • The marked trail to the gorge starts from the yard. Distance to the gorge is about 3,3 km.
  • From Mustinmäki-talo drive 500 m, turn right onto Hanhiahontie road, drive 2,3 km to the parking lot. The marked trail to the gorge (900 m) starts from the parking lot.

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