Pisan luonnonsuojelualue, poika katsoo maisemia

Pisa Nature Reserve

Nationally valuable landscape.

Pisa Nature Reserve

Salmenpellontie 245

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Pisa Nature Reserve in Nilsiä

Pisa Nature Reserve covers an area of 306 hectares. It has been a nationally known landscape and tourist destination for over a hundred years – beautiful lake and hill landscapes has been admired since the 19th century. From the observation tower of Pisa, at the highest point of the hill, the beautiful Savonian landscape opens up in all directions. At the top of Pisa, you can also explore the more than 400-years-old landmarks of the Treaty of Teusina (Finnish: Täyssinän rauha). The nature reserve is a great destination for a day trip.

Pisa has 8,5 kilometers of routes marked with orange landmarks. The routes are demanding, but climbing the mountain has been made a bit easier with stairs and resting places. However, the views from the observation tower of Pisa will reward the effort of climbing to the top. It is not allowed to make a fire in the nature reserve, but there is table and benches next to the tower for eating snacks. In Lastukoski, on the shores of Lake Vuotjärvi (Lastukoskentie 47), there is a hut with campfire place for hikers.

How to get there?

Pisa nature reserve can only be reached via nature trails. Trails to the top of Pisa leaves from the parking lots. Parking lot of Lastukoski is 3 km from Pisa and Salmenpelto 2 km from Pisa.

Parking lot: Lastukoskentie 107, 73320 Nilsiä
Parking lot: Salmenpellontie 245, 73770 Juankoski

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