Pölhön grillikatos Kuopiossa

Pölhö cooking hut

Resting place for the whole family, near the city center of Kuopio.

Pölhö cooking hut


Location on map

Pölhö cooking hut

Pölhö cooking hut is located in Pölhö Island, along Saaristokatu, right next to the center of Kuopio. Pölhö is accessible by bus, car, bicycle or even on foot – which is why the place is especially popular with families with children. From the parking lot of Saaristokatu, the distance to the hut is only a couple of hundred meters. There is also a small path around the island from where you can admire the scenery of the surrounding lake.

In Pölhö you will also find firewood, toilet and a little harbor for boats or canoes.

How to get there?

  • Parking lot: Saaristokatu 21
  • Local busses 5 & 6,
    Bus stop: Pölhö E
  • Harbor at the end of Pölhö Island, opposite of Bellaranta

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