Puijon portaat sopivat hyvin myös treenaamiseen

Puijo stairs

376 steps, ascent of more than 100 meters.

Puijo Stairs

Suurmäentie 85

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Puijo stairs

Note! Use of the upper part of the stairs is not recommended for the time being due to damage to the adjacent ski jump. Using the stairs is safe from the ski stadium up to the road leading to the front of the ski jumps.

Puijo stairs are great for exercising and training. The stairs starts from the right edge of the Puijo hill jumping towers, next to the smallest hill. Stunning views open from the top of the stairs and you can climb from there all the way to Puijo Tower.

Starting points:

  • Parking lot: Puijo Ski Arena, Suurmäentie 85, 70200 Kuopio
  • Parking lot: On the top of Puijo, Puijontie 135, 70300 Kuopio

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