Puijonnokan laavu syksyllä, retkeilijä nuotiolla

Puijonnokka shed

Outstanding views towards North Kallavesi archipelago.

Puijonnokka Shed

Puijon luontopolku

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Puijonnokka shed in Julkulanmäki

The Puijonnokka laavu “the shed” is located in Julkulanmäki, which is part of the Puijo recreation area. A landscape opening has been made to the northern end of the area towards the North Kallavesi archipelago.

The shed is along the outdoor road and the shortest distance there is from the end of Puijonsarvi, along the outdoor road rising from the statue of Aaro Jalkanen and in winter along the walking path to the edge of the ski trail. The distance from the statue to the shed is less than a kilometer. Please note that continuing to walking form shed on the trail is prohibited.

During the melting ground, the shed can be reached along Puijo’s outdoor routes all the way from Puijo Tower. The network of outdoor routes in the Puijo area is extensive; winter trail signs are marked with brown and summer trail signs are guided with green.

The shed is equipped with a campfire site, a composting toilet and a wooden shed.


  • Parking space along Puijonsarventie, near the statue of Aaro Jalkanen (Puijonsarventie 68, 70420).
  • Along Puijo outdoor trails or mountain biking trails.

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