Väinölänniemi, Kuopio


A traditional city park near the center of Kuopio.



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Kuopio’s Väinölänniemi

Väinölänniemi, more commonly known as Vänäri, is a park and sports area right next to the center of Kuopio. Surrounded by Kallavesi, Väinölänniemi is one of the oldest and most famous city parks in Kuopio, and it serves as a significant recreation and event venue for both locals and tourists.

Väinölänniemi is home to Kuopio’s most popular beach with palm trees and jumping tower. Café Väinö is located next to the beach and from there you can rent water toys, games and other fun equipment for a nice summer day. There are also two smaller beaches in Väinölänniemi.

Also, all kinds of exercise and sports belong to Väinölänniemi. In addition to the athletics and football stadium, Vänäri has fields for playing tennis, basketball, beach volleyball and the most popular game – padel.

A lovely beach promenade runs along the shores of Väinölänniemi, which is suitable for walking and cycling. Along the way there are three gazebos where you can stop to rest and admire the surrounding lake scenery.

What to do in Väinölänniemi?

  • Beaches
    • Most popular beach in Kuopio with jumping tower
    • Two smaller beaches
  • Cafe Väinö
    • Café, terrace and equipment rental
    • Showers, dressing rooms and wc opened during Cafe Väinö opening hours
  • Sports and activity areas
    • Athletics and football stadium
    • Beach volley court
    • Padel court
    • Tennis court
    • Basketball court
  • Beach promenade
    • Along the way there are three gazebos
Ilmakuva Väinölänniemen padel- ja tenniskentistä

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