Väisälänmäki näkötorni, Lapinlahti


National landscape with nature trail and observation tower.


Väisälänmäentie 99

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The national landscape in Lapinlahti

Väisälänmäki is the only national landscape in Northern Savonia, situated approximately 12 kilometers away from the center of Lapinlahti. Väisälänmäki features a culture and nature trail that extends approximately 2,5 kilometers, winding through fields and forests on top of the hill. There are old buildings along the route and during summer one might be able to see grazing cattle. The path is relatively easy to walk, although it can be uneven on some parts and may get muddy after rain.

The best way to admire the scenery is from the Väisälänmäki observation tower. During summer, visitors can enjoy the Karjamaja café run by the 4H association along the nature trail.

The landscapes of Väisälänmäki have served as inspiration for artists such as Pekka Halonen, who originates from Lapinlahti, and Eero Järnefelt.

Väisälänmäki culture and nature trail

  • Circular route of approximately 2,5 kilometers.
  • The trail features information boards about the history and nature of Väisälänmäki.
  • The highest point, Linnanmäki, stands 220 meters above sea level.
  • Observation tower
  • Lean-to shelter
  • Karjamaja café, open during summers.
  • The address for the parking area is Väisälänmäentie 99, Lapinlahti.