Valkeisenpuisto ja Valkeisenlampi, taustalla Puijon torni


One of the most popular park areas in Kuopio.


Valkeisenkatu 10

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Valkeisenpuisto and Valkeisenlampi

Valkeisenpuisto “Valkeisen park” is one of Kuopio’s most popular park and recreation areas. It is located in the Niirala district, right next to the city center. In the center of the park is Valkeisenlampi “Valkeisen lake”, around which there is an unobstructed beach route of nearly two kilometers.

Valkeisenpuisto has many opportunities for all kinds of leisure activities. Around the pond you can find a beach, a beach volleyball court, a multifunctional field, playgrounds and several areas to hangout or even enjoy a picnic. Nearby are situated Niirala Dog park, Niirala Alpine Rose Park and Niirala Traffic Park.

Valkeisenpuisto and its surroundings form a green area complex of about nine hectares, where you can enjoy a variety of vegetation communities, some of which are equipped with nameplates or species diagrams. The park’s specialties include the Rosarium rose park and the are for bush rose. The rosarium has 60 different species of roses that rise up the stairs terraces to Valkeisenkatu “Valkeisen street”.

Valkeisenlampi is a free fishing area from the city of Kuopio, so you can fish in the pond with one rod, casting or towing lure or fly without a separate fishing permit. In winter, you can go ice fishing and skiing on the ice of Valkeisenlampi.

What can you find from Valkeisenpuisto?

  • Valkeisenlampi
    • Beach
    • Free fishing area
      • Allowed with one rod, casting or towing lure or fly
      • There are skiing tracks on the lake during winter period
  • Nine hectares green area complex
    • Vegetation communities, some are equipped with nameplates or species diagrams
    • Alpine Rose Park
  • Activity areas and playgrounds
    • Beach volley court
    • Activity court
    • 2 playgrounds
  • Unobstructed beach route (about 2 km)
    • Available around the year

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