Volokinpolku Sonkajärvellä, lapsi poimimassa mustikoita


A 30 km long hiking trail in Sonkajärvi.


Jyrkäntie 1881

Location on map

Volokinpolku in Sonkajärvi

Volokinpolku is a marked, 30 kilometers long hiking trail in Eastern Sonkajärvi. The trail goes through diverse nature of Jyrkkä and ends after 30 kilometers near the border of Rautavaara. There are several lean-tos, campsites and a shelter cabin along the trail.

Along the way, there are several connections to the road, so hiking a shorter route is also possible. Approximately 6,5 kilometers of duckboards are there to make hiking through the swamps more easier. There are also several outdoor toilets for hikers along the trail.

How to get there?

There are parking lots at the both ends of the trail and one in the middle of the trail.

  • Starting point, Jyrkänkosken Ruukki
    • Jyrkäntie 1881, 74380 Sonkajärvi
  • Southern end point, Susi-Kervinen lean-to
    • Rehvontie, 74380 Sonkajärvi
  • Eräholi, Kirkkokangas fireplace
    • In the middle of Volokinpolku hiking trail

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