Winter hiking routes at Tahko

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Winter hiking routes at Tahko

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Winter hiking at Tahko

Tahko, with many winter activities, is also ideal for winter hiking, although the routes are partly different than in summer and autumn. Many of the routes familiar from the summer season are used by skiing and snowmobiling in winter, but the most popular places like Mäkiautio lean-to shelter, the top of Tahko and Nipanen hut can be reached by foot also on winter. Please, note that walking and snowshoeing at the slope area is not permitted for safety reasons.

The winter hiking routes marked on the map doesn’t have any actual maintenance, so the snowshoes might be necessary, especially after a snowfall. Usually, you get a pretty good idea of the snow situation on the route from the beginning of the path.

Winter hiking routes

  • Huutavanholma – Pehku 2,3km
  • Tahkolaakso – Nallelaavu 1,2km
  • Tahkolaakso – Nipanen hut 5km
  • Tahko center – Mäkiautio lean-to 2,5km
  • Panorama – Mäkiautio lean-to 0,5km

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