Revontulet Kuopiossa

Under the stars

Some things appear even brighter after the lights go out. The dark nights of late summer may still be warm and add a whole new dimension to what is already a breathtakingly beautiful natural landscape.

Such experiences were up for offer in August 2021 by what was already the sixth Sleep Outdoors Night (“Nuku yö ulkona”), organized in Kuopio by Puijon Latu. Secretary of the association Kirsi Tuppurainen says that the fine weather brought up to fifty people to the idyllic environment around the hut known as Pilpan Maja. Everyone could choose their preferred style of slumber: at least tents, hammocks, lean-tos and boats were actively used.

During the day, we organized all kinds of activities outdoors”, says Kirsi Tuppurainen. “In the course of the afternoon, we helped those planning to stay the night to find suitable spots and pitch tents, and warmed the sauna. As the evening grew darker, we naturally had various shady activities in store for children and those young at heart.

Sleeping outdoors on a bright summer night in Finland can be an exciting experience for a foreigner.

As the lights gradually went out, it was time for the main show to start. The ten-degree late August night with its star-filled sky was absolutely perfect and showed off its best features to those who stayed up late. Eventually, the group got to enjoy a good night’s sleep in a tranquil atmosphere with a hint of lingering summer as a magical dew settled over the former farmyard.

The next morning, it felt good to go over the night together over a shared breakfast of porridge. Kirsi Tuppurainen says that everything went without a hitch. Sleep Outdoors Night is an event that can be recommended to absolutely everyone – even a traveller who happens to visit the region of Kuopio at the right time.

The event is open to everyone, and the positive, encouraging spirit of the group will make everyone feel welcome. There is no need to fear having to spend the night alone in a dark forest.

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