Avantouinti Kuopio

Ice swimming

Embrace the cold waters.

Refreshing experience

There are several winter swimming spots in Kuopio and its surrounding areas – and no wonder, as this activity has gained tremendous popularity in recent years. Thanks to the enthusiastic practitioners of this sport, winter swimming clubs have been established in the Kuopio area, with eager individuals queuing up to become members.

There are three publicly accessible ice swimming spots in Kuopio: at Kuopion Saana, Rauhalahti’s Jätkänkämppä and Väinölänniemi. The winter swimming season at Saana lasts from November to the end of May, and access to the ice hole and sauna can be obtained either through a seasonal pass or a one-time fee. During the spa’s opening hours, a smoke sauna is also available.

Rauhalahti’s Jätkänkämppä hosts open traditional and smoke sauna evenings every Tuesday. The large smoke sauna at Jätkänkämppä can accommodate up to 60 bathers at a time. After the gentle heat of the smoke sauna, visitors can refresh themselves in Lake Kallavesi and, if desired, continue the evening with Jätkänkämppä’s traditional lodge dinner accompanied by live music.

At Väinölänniemi, visitors can try winter swimming by purchasing a visitor pass, available on Tuesdays and Fridays from 4 pm to 9 pm. The pass can be purchased for a cash payment of 10 euros at grocery store Sale located in Kuopio port. Väinölänniemi’s winter swimming spot is maintained by Kuopion Talviuimarit ry, whose members have access to broader swimming and sauna facilities. The membership of the association is currently full. Kuopion Talviuimarit ry’s second winter swimming spot is located in Sorsasalo, but due to its immense popularity, it is only open to members.

Avantouintipaikat ja avannot Kuopiossa ja lähiseuduilla. Ice swimming
Avantouinti Kuopio, Väinölänniemi

Ice swimming spots near Kuopio

In the neighboring town of Siilinjärvi, there are two winter swimming spots available. Along the shores of Siilinlahti, you’ll find the Avantosauna Lauteet, where everyone is welcome to enjoy the steam. Access to sauna and ice swimming is available through a single-entry ticket or a seasonal membership. Additionally, at Vuorela’s Spa Hotel Kunnonpaikka, one can indulge in ice swimming during public smoke sauna evenings.

The winter swimming spot Kankainen in Nilsiä (Kirkonmäentie 3) is maintained by the city of Kuopio. Access to the ice hole is free, and if desired, a locker room access tag can be obtained from the city’s customer service point located in Nilsiä’s library in exchange for a deposit. However, there are no sauna facilities available at this winter swimming spot.

Membership required in these spots

Due to the soaring popularity of ice swimming, there are winter swimming clubs in the area that are already filled with enthusiastic practitioners of the sport.

The ice swimming center located in Petonen, Kuopio, is maintained by Petosen Talviuimarit ry. The ice hole with its piers and saunas at Kirveslahti beach is exclusively for members’ use. At present, the membership quota is full, and no new members or visitors can be accommodated.