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Taste, Smell and Feel the Lake

The inner archipelago is a distinctive feature of North Savo that appeals to both locals and tourists. As a sign of its uniqueness, the area bears the title of National Urban Park, granted by the Ministry of the Environment in 2017.

“The National Urban Park of Kuopio tells the story of a city that grew in the inner archipelago, a place where the majority of the area is made up of lakes and rivers,” says Head of Master Planning Heli Laurinen from the City of Kuopio.

“Find your own peace of lake

Cleanliness, safety and the peace and quiet of nature are the tourist draws of the region. The goal is to make North Savo the number one lake destination in Europe.

“We give tourists reasons to come to North Savo. We help business owners turn their services into products, such as experiences on and around the lake,” says Sari Hyttinen, Project Manager of the Northern Savo Lakeland 2 project.

The overall idea of the project is that the lake experience is always there with you in North Savo – in the form of, say, vendace from Lake Kallavesi on your plate in Restaurant Sampo.

The waterways in the region and their natural and excursion harbours combined with a compact city and exciting leisure services make the region a true gem in lake tourism, as well as a destination that appeals to travellers worldwide. 

The urban park is open to all

The cultural heritage of the region is used in lake tourism in various ways. For instance, you can go on a fishing trip to an old hideout formerly used by fish poachers or take a walk along the historical routes of the urban park.

“The archipelago provides nourishment to the mind and soul of modern-day people. The urban park maintains and preserves these areas for future generations, in addition to offering recreation and cultural knowledge,” says Laurinen.

The national urban park helps promote biodiversity and the preservation of the local nature and cultural environment and their sustainable, year-round use.

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