Summer in Kuopio

Summer in the Capital of Lakeland

  Brooke Nolan • 06.03.2024

Summer in the Capital of Lakeland

In the summer, Kuopio-Tahko comes alive with delicious food, sports and outdoor activities, and vibrant city culture. From gentle waves to immersive storms, you can choose the waves you wish to surf.

Surf from one experience to another

In summer, the Kallavesi area comes alive with the sounds of nature and the buzz of diverse activities. As the sun takes longer to set, the shimmering lake and rugged forests provide a memorable setting for sports and outdoor activities. There are dozens of outdoor activities to choose from and endless places to explore

Better local food

The forested hills and valleys of Kuopio are home to some of the most delicious produce available in Finland. And summer is one of the best times to enjoy them. In an area surrounded by water, fish is, of course, a popular and respected delicacy. In addition to fish, well-known local foods include cheeses, meats and berry and vegetable products. 

Many restaurants in our area prepare their dishes from local ingredients and also serve products from small bakeries and breweries. If you prefer to cook at home, you can buy fresh, seasonal and local produce through the local food sales and distribution model, REKO.

Take time to relax

We know that action-packed vacations are popular with many travellers, and our region is certainly a good choice for this. However, it is also the ideal place to simply come and relax. Pleasant dreams and sound sleep can be enjoyed in one of the many hotel options, on the waves, in a lake-side cottage, or even camping in the forest.

In Kuopio-Tahko you are free to let the current take you wherever you wish. Discover summer in the capital of Lakeland and find your own wave of happiness.

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