Puijon tornin näköalatasanne

Puijo Tower

Puijo Tower is one of the most popular landmarks in Finland

Puijo Tower

Puijontie 135

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The most famous attraction in Kuopio

The famous Puijo tower, located on Puijo hill in Kuopio, amazes with its scenery time after time. The observation deck of the tower rises 224 meters above the surrounding lake Kallavesi and 306 meters above the sea level.

Beautifully renovated Puijo Tower is open all year round and in addition to the best scenery in the city, it also has a restaurant that rotates 360 degrees around the tower.

Info and connections

  • Built in 1963
  • 75 metres tall 
  • Souvenir shop and ticket sale
  • Lift and stairs to the top
  • Restaurant
  • Café
  • Observation deck
  • Virtual ski jumping, guided tours and other activities

Getting to Puijo is easy, it can be reached by hiking along the nature trails, by car or taxi and in summer also by local bus or Puijo Chairlift.

Puijon torni

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