Huuhkajan kierros

Huuhkajan kierros

6 km long circular route in a beautiful rigde and river landscapes.

Huuhkajan kierros Hiking Trail

Rautavaarantie 275

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Backpacking destination for the whole family

Huuhkajan kierros is a 6 km long circular hiking route in a beautiful ridge area between Varpaisjärvi and Rautavaara. Huuhkajan kierros is a part of Älänne routes, so from the same starting point, you can easily head to the magnificent Näätähiekka or even further to Haatainniemi.

Huuhkajan kierros route has some height differences, but it is also suitable for children. The route runs mainly in a dry pine forest, in a beautiful ridge landscape, and rewards with its magnificent views. The two resting places of the route are located in Vongankoski parking area and about halfway through the trail, in Huuhkajaniemi. Both resting places have a shed, a fireplace and a toilet.

How to get there?

The parking lot of Huuhkajan kierros is located in Vongankoski, along the road 582 between Varpaisjärvi and Rautavaara.

  • Address of the parking lot: Rautavaarantie 275, 73250 Lapinlahti
  • By car: 45 minutes from Tahko, 1 hour from Kuopio
  • Tip: If after the trip you can no longer hike to Näätähiekka, you can also visit there by car. Stunning sandy beach!
    • Juudinsalontie, distance from Vongankoski parking lot 3,8km
Huuhkajan kierros Varpaisjärvellä

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