Puijon luontopolut, opastetaulu

Nature trails in Puijo

Soothing experiences only couple of kilometers from the market square.

Nature trails in Puijo

Puijontie 135

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Nature trails in Puijo

The Puijo outdoor area, is located only a couple kilometers from Kuopio market square and its trails offer soothing experiences right next to the city’s pulse. The height of the Puijo hill is 232 meters from the sea surface and there are more than 200 hectares of protected forests in the area. You can learn about the area’s natural environment on three nature trails, each a couple of kilometres long.

Puijon polku (Puijo path) goes through an old nature reserve. The starting points of the trail are at the end of Puijonrinteentie and on the top of Puijo. The route has height differences of more than 100 meters, which is why it is not suitable for physically weak people. Puijon polku is marked with the color blue.

Konttilan kierto nature trail goes through an old primeval forest and a heritage farm Konttila. Konttila is an example of a typical finnish family farm and farming area. The main building was built  in 1770. There is cafe and small exhibition of nature of Puijo area in the Konttila. Konttilan kierto is marked with the color red.

Kokonmäen kierros is a circle route that goes through the nature reserve of Puijo. The trail is easy to walk but there are big differences in terrain’s height which makes it more challenging. Kokonmäen kierros route is marked with the color green.


Puijon polku 2km
Parking lot: On the top of Puijo, Puijontie 135
Parking lot: Kuopio baseball arena or Puijo skiing stadium (departure to the trails in the end of Puijonrinteentie)

Konttilan kierto 2,3km
Parking lot: On the top of Puijo, Puijontie 135

Kokonmäen kierto 2km
Parking lot: Konttila Farm, in the end of Antikkalantie or from the bottom of Antikkala slope

Puijon luontopolut

Majan luontoreitti, uusi esteetön ja katettu luontoreitti Puijolla

Accessible nature trails in Puijo

Maja nature trail is an illuminated accessible walkway with resting spots along the way. The length of the trail is approximately 200 meters, and it also features the Finnish Animals AR Tour. Accessible walkway doesn’t have winter maintenance.

Torni nature trail is a 300-meter long crushed stone surface accessible path with resting spots along the way.

The scenic route of the tourism area is a crushed stone path that is about 100 meters long. The route passes in front of the chairlift, between the tower and Puijon Maja. From the route, you can enjoy splendid views of the lake and forest landscape stretching out from the top of Puijo.

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