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Pumpulikirkontie 319

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Pumpulikirkko, Rautavaara

Pumpulikirkko ‘The Cotton Church’ is naturally formed rock formation located within a conservation area. Formed millions of years ago, this steep-walled, canyon-like rock crevice expands into an open space enclosed by sheer cliffs.

Within the cliff wall, there is also a large pothole formed by the melting waters of the ice age about 10,000 years ago, with one side broken open in such a way that you can observe the pothole from the inside as well.

In 2023, Pumpulikirkko has been included into Tiilikkajärvi National Park, and as such, it is now subject to the regulations of the national park. Please observe all the posted guidelines, instructions, and restrictions within the area and on the trails to protect the delicate environment.

From the Konttimäki parking area, the distance to Pumpulikirkko along the trail is approximately 1,3km. The nature along the route is lush, diverse, and partially challenging to navigate, but the magnificent landscapes at the destination are well worth the effort. The terrain can be quite damp and rocky, so rubber boots or waterproof hiking footwear are essential on the trail.

The soundscape at Pumpulikirkko rewards the hiker. The acoustics at Pumpulikirkko are so good that choir performances have occasionally been held there. True to its name, the place has also been used for religious ceremonies and several couples have gotten married there.

How to get there?

  • The nearest starting point: Konttimäki parking area
    • Pumpulikirkontie 319, 70900 Rautavaara
    • The distance from the parking area to Pumpulikirkko is approximately 1,3 km
    • At the parking area, you will find signs and a trail map of the destination
Pumpulikirkko Rautavaaralla

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