Ylä-Antikkalan laavu Puijolla

Ylä-Antikkala Lean-To Shelter

Ylä-Antikkala Lean-To Shelter


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Lean-to shelter in Puijo

Located at the top of Antikkalanrinne in Puijo, there is a new, wheelchair-accessible lean-to shelter that was completed in the fall of 2022. The impressive-looking shelter includes beautiful details and skilled craftsmanship – the shelter frame was carved by students in a local vocational school’s log building course. The shelter is free to use for everyone, and firewood can be found in the nearby shed.

The shelter is only 500 meters away from Puijo Tower, offering a magnificent view towards Lake Kallavesi. The closest parking lot is located next to the shelter on Antikkalantie. Wheelchair-accessible transportation is also available if needed.

Puijo’s hiking trails, mountain biking trail, and frisbee golf course are right next to the shelter. In the winter, the shelter can also be reached by skiing.

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