Experience the beauty of autumn where spectacular nature and vibrant city life meet.

Add a little excitement to your autumn

Kuopio, Tahko, and the surrounding Savo area offers a holiday destination unlike any other. The heart of Finnish Lakeland is a magical place where the energy of a modern urban center is contrasted with stunning nature. And where an endless array of fun activities are complemented by world-class city life and cuisine.

Choose from the coziest accommodation, including cottages, villas, hotels and apartments. Enjoy entertaining activities and sports. Tour cultural landmarks. And savour the Savo region’s award-winning gourmet tastes.

Start your journey below and you’ll be one step closer to exploring everything this rich and wondrous vacation destination has to offer.

Maastopyöräily Tahkolla

4 favorites in Kuopio’s autumn

  1. Outdoors
    Dressing in autumn attire in Kuopio makes it easy to enjoy life, especially when the gentle sun rays and refreshing autumn rains caress not only the mind but also the skin. So, enjoy the autumn while swaying on the waves, wandering in the forests, or admiring the urban nature.
  2. Eat & Drink
    To have the energy for vacationing, one must eat well! Our renowned restaurants, cafes, and taverns known for local food offer tasty culinary experiences and invite all food enthusiasts to indulge in the delights.
  3. Culture and Attractions
    Discover museums, exhibitions, natural sights, historical locations, and the most spectacular views of the vacation, and embark on adventures according to your mood.
  4. Coziest accommodation
    Kuopio has the happiest residents among the largest cities in Finland. Travelers staying in the coziest accommodations during their vacation also get a share of this happiness. Enjoy the vacation atmosphere of the Finnish Lakeland and immerse yourself in the midst of nature, always surrounded by the best experiences and services.

Bring your sense of adventure to Tahko

Tahko is one of Finland’s most diverse holiday destinations. And it’s less than an hour’s drive from the center of Kuopio. The most popular autumn activities include hiking, mountain biking and just about any other outdoor activity you can imagine. Here, even simply relaxing is wonderfully restorative.

Like many travellers, you may be drawn to Tahko’s mountain peak where you can ascend Tahko Stairs, explore at Tahko Observation Tower, and take in the beauty of Mäkiautio Gorge and many other magnificent nature attractions.