Small moments, great memories.

Find your Christmas Spirit from Kuopio

The best Christmas gift you can give for yourself and your loved ones is time. To be able to be present we need to take a moment and give our thoughts some space. On Christmas time you can let someone else take care of the arrangements while you enjoy your holidays.

Peace of mind comes from within but also the surrounding settings helps you to find it. Take a break and let your mind wonder in the Capital of Finnish Lakeland.

Plan your Christmas holiday

Discover the magic of the Kuopio region by booking and planning your Christmas holiday in advance. There are plenty of cozy accommodation options available, interesting places to visit, and great restaurants to feast.

Tap any ”heart” to highlight your favourite activities and interests and they will be saved to your very own trip-planner pinboard.

Full Service Christmas in Tahko

For many, Tahko is a traditional place to gather to celebrate Christmas together with friends, relatives and generations. Tahko offers a huge selection of cottages to choose from and many interesting things to do, including outdoor activities and relaxation. Tahko’s restaurants serve throughout Christmas, so rushing in the kitchen can be completely outsourced if you wish so.

The most popular Christmas activities are alpine skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, wondering in nature, enjoying the warmth of the spa and simply just being together without a hurry. Christmas in Tahko also includes Kauneimmat joululaulut (The most beautiful Christmas songs), declaration of Christmas peace and possibility to visit church on Christmas Day.

City Christmas in Kuopio

In Kuopio, Christmas is celebrated not only in the homes of those who come to visit their families from all over the country, but also in hotels and cottages dressed up with a Christmas decorations. For Christmas in the city, you can choose a full-service hotel packages or combine your stay in a hotel with a meal in a restaurant of your choice. Christmas traditions also include declaration of Christmas peace in Puijo, many outdoor activities, wondering in nature, bathing in a lakeside sauna, Christmas church and concerts, and other activities such as relaxing in the spa, shopping and skiing.