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  Brooke Nolan • 26.03.2022

Six tips for spring cleaning the mind

Our long-awaited spring season shakes us all from winter hibernation, the increasing light of the days bringing an overwhelming sense of new beginnings and untapped potential. 

It is the perfect time for an annual spring cleaning of the mind; a chance to declutter and develop new, healthier habits to take with us for the rest of the year. 

From cycling and immersing yourself in nature to reducing interferences and distractions, here is our spring advice. 

1. Embrace cycling

A sure sign of spring is the city bikes that appear across Kuopio; allowing you to conveniently access everywhere in the city and beyond, whilst enjoying the fresh spring air. 

Pedalling with electric assist makes cycling enjoyable for everyone (even if you’re suffering from a little winter stiffness!). Why not replace your short car rides with a cycle instead? It’s good for your mental and physical health and the health of our beloved environment.

2. Eat according to the season

Spring is the ideal time to enjoy fresh, seasonal, and local produce. Several restaurants in our area serve seasonal delicacies made from fresh ingredients sourced from local food producers. Meanwhile, home chefs can conjure up delicious local food from ingredients sourced from our shops and markets.

3. Find your meaning

One person finds solace in reading another in sports or fitness. Whatever your way of relaxing, be sure to make time for it in spring. Explore the city library’s e-offering and immerse yourself in a leisurely storyline. Or, discover the many sporting activities available across the Kuopio-Tahko region. 

4. Reduce interferences

Our world glorifies efficiency and celebrates the ability to multitask. But the truth is that focusing fully on one thing at a time leads to more accomplishment, with less stress. Cutting back on distractions allows you to immerse yourself in opportunities and experience the joy of success.

5. Get into nature

Kuopio and Tahko are favourite places for winter sports, but the nature of the area is unforgettable in spring as well. As the snow melts, slip on your running shoes or hiking boots and discover what unspoilt nature looks like on a forest jogging or hiking trail

Although we love the ice of the rivers and lakes in winter, in spring it is best to avoid these for safety reasons. Instead, enjoy the views from the shoreline, watching as the lake ice melts and freezes alternately at different times of the day. It is nature’s own spring concert.

6. Focus on the essential

If an endless to-do list is constantly distracting your mind it is no wonder you may find it difficult to switch off. Consider whether some of the things on the to-do list could be left undone and instead focus your energy on things that bring you joy. Remember what is important to you, and always make time for it. Your body and mind will thank you.




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