Brooke Nolan • 26.03.2022

Three easy ways to strengthen
your nature connection

Humankind is deeply connected to nature and has been for as long as we have lived on earth. But, due to the confines of modern life, this connection is slowly being lost over time. 

However, several studies show that nature has a significant impact on our mental and physical wellbeing, our worldview, and even our awareness skills. The effect of nature in relieving stress, improving concentration and improving mood is also undeniable.

So, what can we do to help re-ignite our passion for nature? And reap the benefits that we know it can bring?

1. Make nature a learning experience

For many of us, the best childhood memories are related to being in nature with family and friends. In nature, we hiked, played sports and explored. We learned to forage food, to build huts, and identify plant and animal species. 

The same experiences can bring joy to children today and build a foundation for a valuable nature connection. There is plenty to learn in nature. Why not make hiking even more enjoyable by playing a nature quiz? See who identifies the most plant and animal species or create a list of species in advance and see how many you can discover along the way.


Where to head for a hike?

Explore the beautiful natural sites of the area and find your own favorite places and hiking trails.

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2. Find your place of power

Many who love nature have their own favourite place that they visit time and again to build strength and find inner peace. A rocky peak covered with blueberries and sparring sparrows or a rough boulder by a small forest pond in the shade of trees. 

In ancient times, holy places within nature were often associated with the provision of food. The more abundant the berries, mushrooms or game that the place offered, the more important the area was. 

Perhaps equally important to modern man is the spiritual nourishment provided by nature. What does your place of power look like? Take the time to discover a place that brings you joy, calms you down and reignites your love for nature.

3. Increase mental wellbeing with forest therapy

Immersion in nature can significantly enhance mental wellbeing, and in recent years various forms of therapy utilising forests have been developed both abroad and in Finland. 

In Finland, the main therapy is called Forest Swimming, which was developed by Mirja Nylander, Master of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences. 

At the heart of Forest Swimming are simple exercises that help you get to know yourself, refresh your senses, strengthen your creativity and deepen your own connection with nature. 

The most important of the exercises is wood breathing, where you breathe with your back against the wood of a tree. This exercise enables rapid deep relaxation, the kind often sought in meditation and yoga.

However, you decide to connect (or re-connect) with nature, you will inevitably notice your stress decrease and wellbeing increase. At best, you’ll find nature and yourself again, and at worst, you’ll soon find yourself hooked on the fresh air and joy of adventure. 

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