Brooke Nolan • 26.03.2022

Waves of happiness in Kuopio, the Capital of Lakeland

Kuopio is the Capital of the Kuopio-Tahko region and enjoys pure nature, diverse activities and a relaxed lakeside lifestyle.

The shimmering lake, the archipelago and the towering forests and hills provide an unforgettable environment for a summer road trip with many visitors arriving with a list of adventures they want to experience. Here are three that you might not have heard of yet.

An ancient forest in the middle of the city

Have you ever walked through a pristine evergreen forest in the middle of a city? In Kuopio, enchanting nature and vibrant city life combine in a unique way. Puijo Nature Reserve was one of the first nature reserves in Finland at the time of its establishment (1928). Today, it is the pride of the city and a valuable source of wellbeing. In the Puijo Nature Reserve, you will discover three nature trails about two kilometres long.

Local food below and above

The area’s famous landmark, Puijo Tower, rises a total of 224 meters above the surface of Lake Kallavesi, from where breathtakingly beautiful landscapes open up. From the depths of the lakes to the heights of Puijo Tower, the unbelievable nature is always complemented by unforgettable foodie experiences. 

Fresh local produce and clean lake fish, Kallavesi’s delicacies are unmissable, especially the slowly rotating Tower Restaurant which should be on every visitor’s must-see list.


Take a hike in an ancient forest

In the Puijo Nature Reserve, you will discover three nature trails about two kilometres long.

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Finland’s longest outdoor staircase

Tahko, one of Finland’s most popular resorts, offers 30 different activities throughout the year. In addition to the unique nature and mountain biking trails, for those brave enough you can try the longest outdoor stairs in Finland, along which you ascend a kilometre to the top of Tahkovuori. When you reach the top you are rewarded offers beautiful views over lakes, golf courses and holiday cottages.


Tahko Stairs