Huuhanmetsä DiscGolfPark

HuuhanMetsä Discgolfpark

Varied forest lanes in Niirala, Kuopio.

Huuhanmetsä DiscGolfPark

Kehäkatu 13

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DiscGolfPark in Niirala, Huuhanmetsä

Huuhanmetsä DiscGolfPark is located in the nearby forest of Niirala residential area in Kuopio. The DiscGolfPark offers varied forest lanes and is only a walking distance from the center of Kuopio. The course is in use all year round.

Track A includes lanes 1-24. For a group of 3-4 people, it is good to book about 3 hours. Track B is a 16-lane course, where lanes 1-10 and 19-24 are played. Track B is much faster to play through than the track A.

If you are arriving with car, you can leave it in the parking lot of Minna Canth school. During the evenings, weekends and school holidays the school’s sand field can be used as a parking space as well. The easiest way to the park by bike or on foot is through the underpass tunnel from Viestikatu or along Huuhankatu.

How to get there?

By car: Parking lot, Minna Canth school, Ruotsinkatu 35, 70600 Kuopio
By bike or foot: Underpass tunnel from Viestikatu or along Huuhankatu

Facts (track A)

  • Par 79
  • 24 lanes
    • length of the course: 2444 meters
  • Course classification: AA1
    • official targets
    • signage system
    • tee pads
    • regular maintenance

Deep In The Forest (association) and City of Kuopio are responsible for the maintenance of the course

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