SUP boarding

Glide smoothly on the waters.

SUP boarding in Kuopio and Tahko

SUP boarding is one of the finest ways to experience the untouched and pure nature of the Finnish Lakeland. Suitable for all ages you can rent a board for yourself or take part in a guided tour in Kuopio, Tahko or surroundings.

The waterways in our area offer truly wonderful opportunities for SUP boarding. There are plenty of options, from big lakes to small ponds and calm rivers.

With no previous experience is required, SUP Boarding is surprisingly easy and quick to learn. Once you’ve built your confidence you can seek out bigger waves or stay on the calmer lakes. You can even combine a SUP trip with a hiking trip for a true wilderness experience. 

Guided tours and equipment rental

There are plenty of guided trips or beginner’s courses on offer to teach you the basics of the sport, but equipment can also be rented for either a few hours or several days.

Prices include a suitably sized board and paddle, as well as life jackets. You’ll find SUP rental companies within walking distance of downtown accommodations, or close to your cottage accommodations.