Breweries and distilleries

Liquid craftsmanship at its finest.

Breweries and distilleries

Kuopio, Tahko and the entire Northern Savonia region are known for their rich brewery and distillery culture. The area is home to several craft breweries and distilleries. However, they all share an uncompromising commitment to quality.

The largest and most well-known is Olvi, which has been producing beverages in Iisalmi since 1878. Olvi’s subsidiary, The Helsinki Distilling Company, affectionately known as HDCO, established Finland’s first organic distillery in Tahko. Tahko Distillery is located within Break Sokos Hotel Tahko and the distillery restaurant Hophaus. The distillery uses pure groundwater from Nilsiä and organic ingredients.

Tahko Distillery’s most famous products are Tahko whisky and Tahko gin. Visitors can learn about their production through guided tours and tastings at the distillery restaurant Hophaus.

Lignell & Piispanen was founded in 1852 and is the third oldest family-owned business in Finland, now in its sixth generation of craftsmanship. Inspired by the Nordic nature, its berries, herbs, and field grains, Lignell & Piispanen adheres to the philosophy of “From the Forest to the Glass.” The ingredients for their high-quality beverages are sourced from the nearby forests and fields, and their flavors reflect the unique four seasons of the North.

Lignell & Piispanen specializes in the production of gin, liqueurs, and other spirits. Visitors can explore their production process at the visitor center located in Bellanranta, Kuopio, where factory tours, tastings, and cocktail classes are organized. In the visitor center there’s also Arctic Bar, where you can taste Lignell & Piispanen’s products and cocktails.

Lignell & Piispanen vierailukeskus, pullotus