Incredible theater performances throughout the year.

Theaters in Kuopio

Kuopio and the whole lakeland area is home to some of Finland’s best event venues and theaters. The most famous theater is the Kuopio City Theater, where you can see about 300 high-quality performances every year.

From the beginning of September to the end of May, the theater season includes local musicals, drama, humor and children’s shows alongside high-quality shows visiting us on their international tours.

Many performances are in Finnish, but language doesn’t stop theatrical enjoyment. In fact, many performances can be enjoyed simply by listening to the music, admiring the scenery, and soaking in the atmosphere. 

Summer theaters

The Capital of Lakeland comes alive in the summer with open air and outdoor theaters, where professionals and amateurs perform in a versatile selection of shows and performances.

Nowadays, many summer theaters, especially the professional ones, also have a covered auditorium , letting the show go on whatever the weather. For a truly authentic Finnish theater performance be sure to indulge in grilled sausages and hot coffee during the breaks.