Ice skating

Ice skate on natural lakes and waterways for an experience like no other.

The Capital of ice skating in Finland

Ice skating is one of the most popular winter activities in Kuopio. And who are we to argue? We can’t think of anything more fun than skating through the fresh winter air surrounded by lakeland scenery on a sunny or snowy day. It’s a truly magical experience to skate outdoors on a natural lake or pond. Remember though – always be aware of weather conditions and ice resistance, and only use the marked skating sites.

Kuopio’s most popular ice-skating track is the Finland Ice Marathon track on the ice of the lake Kallavesi, which is free for use for everyone and opens every year between January and March, depending on the weather conditions. 

The track is up to 12.5 kilometers long and is easily accessible from Kuopio’s passenger port. Skaters are served by the delightful M/S Queen R boat cafe, where you can also rent skates. In addition to skating monos and blades, kick sledges and cross-country skis are also available. For the perfect rest area try the campfire near the Kallavesi skating track, right next to the harbor. The maintenance of the skating track is managed by the city of Kuopio, who you can rely on for track condition and opening times.

In Kuopio there are also several other skating rinks across the city and surrounding areas, as well as in Tahko Holiday Resort, Nilsiä town center and Iisalmi. There are also several ice halls in the area, including Niiralan Monttu and Tuplajäät in Kuopio and Vesileppis in Leppävirta.