Museum and art experiences for all ages.

Museums and historical sights of Kuopio

History, culture, nature, art and modernity go hand in hand in the Capital of Lakeland. In Kuopio’s modern center, you can explore hundreds of years of urban life, wandering your way through the historic homes of the Korttelimuseo, the Old Kuopio Museum, and the old pharmacy and yard. 

The handsome building of the Kuopio Museum along the Snellman Park is in itself a piece of history. Inside you will discover displays of fascinating Eastern Finnish nature and cultural history alongside annual changing exhibits carefully curated by the museum. Perhaps the most interesting thing in the museum for children (but surely the adults too!) is a large woolly mammoth.

Kuopio Art Museum meanwhile is an inspirational experience for both modern and classical art lovers. Introducing exhibitions and thought-provoking themes, the permanent and changing collections invite you to explore the world of art. Kuopio also has one the largest orthodox museums in Europe, RIISA. VB Photography Center is the Finland’s first regional photography center, which organizes domestic and international photography exhibitions throughout the year.

Tahko offers museum experiences in Aholansaari, an island near to the holiday village. In the summer, you can reach the island by boat and in winter along the ice trail. Once there, you can explore the history of the area at the Paavo Ruotsalainen’s smoke cottage museum. In the center of Nilsiä, about 10 kilometres from Tahko village is the Block Museum where you can explore the history of the ski resort. Those who are truly  interested in Tahko’s history should consider purchasing the “Our Tahko” book, which tells the deep and fascinating history of the region. 

An hour drive from Kuopio center, nestled in the countryside, is the unique Riuttala Peasant Museum, where you can explore local agricultural history. In the Iisalmi region, it’s also worth visiting the Lapinlahti Art Museum, the Rukajärvi Center or the Juhani Aho Museum in connection with the Hotel Iisalmi Seurahuone.