Disc Golf

Versatile tracks and stunning scenery entertain players of all levels for this unique and fun sport.

Disc Golf Parks in Kuopio and Tahko area

Kuopio, Tahko and surrounding areas are the dream holiday destination for disc golf players. The region offers a variety of excellent courses for all kind of players.

Disc Golf in Kuopio

The most famous and popular disc golf park in Kuopio is Puijo DiscGolfPark which is one of Finland’s most prestigious courses. It offers great variety of downhill sections as well as uphill climbing and throwing. However the uphill fairways pass through the beautiful Puijo forest and do not require excessively long throws. The course is approximately 2 kilometers long and the views from the heights of Puijo are stunning.

Near Kuopio city center there’s Huuhanmetsä DiscGolfPark offering course that winds through the woods. The moderately difficult A-course is 24 fairways long, but if you have limited time, the B-course, which excludes some part of the longer A-course, provides excellent opportunities as well.

In Saaristokaupunki there is Peikkometsä DiscGolfPark, featuring 14 relatively short and technical fairways. The fairways go through forest. The distance from Kuopio city center is approximately eight kilometers.

Puijo Kuopio disc golf
Kuopio disc golf

Playing in Siilinjärvi

There are two disc golf parks in Kunnonpaikka and Vuorela, Siilinjärvi, a short distance north of Kuopio. There courses offer you a scenic view of the shoreline. Players often combine these two 9-hole courses into one 18 fairway course. While some fairways are quite short, there are also few very technical one’s. These courses are versatile and occasionally strong winds make the playing a bit more challenging.

Siilinjärvi also offers disc golf courses at Tarinalaakso Disc Golf, with two competition-level courses. The New Course consists of 19 holes and the Old Course is similar in size. Both of them are versatile, highly praised courses with variations in elevation and fairway lengths.

Frisbee Golf in Tahko

A disc golfer’s dream destination is Tahko, which features two courses of different levels. The full-length Tahkovuori DiscGolfPark in Tahko’s slope area is undoubtedly one of Finland’s finest competition-level courses, attracting players from near and far. Tahko Outdoor Activity Park is a home to the 9-hole Tahko DiscGolfPark, which is suitable for beginners and even for family outings.

Areas surrounding Kuopio

In addition to the disc golf parks in Kuopio, Tahko and Siilinjärvi, there are also some courses in the surrounding areas. Atrain Disc Golf is located in Riistavesi, covering almost two kilometers of fairways. There’s also a highly acclaimed park course in Juankoski, as well as 18-hole, relatively challenging disc golf course in Karttula. Suonenjoki Disc Golf Park features two kilometers of fairways.

Tahkovuori Discgolfpark