Katiskaniemen luontopolku Kuopiossa

Katiskaniemi Nature Trail

Deciduous groves and rock pine forests.

Katiskaniemi Nature Trail


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Nature trail for the whole family

Katiskaniemi nature trail start from the behind of Spa Hotel Rauhalahti. The trail is mostly located in a nature reserve. The most valuable parts of Katiskaniemi nature reserve are deciduous groves and rock pine forests. Also the flying squirrel lives in the area. Nature conservation work was made in the protected area in 1999–2003, for example, by removing spruces from deciduous groves and adding decaying wood by various methods.

The nature trail (2km) goes along the shores of Katiskaniemi. Along the way you will be introduced to the conversion of groves and the main flora and fauna. Also the plants and the animals living on the beach and in water becomes familiar. The traces of a human hand are represented by an authentic lumberjack lodge from the 1950´s Jätkänkämppä, as well as traditional farm landscapes.

How to get there?

  • Parking lot: Spa Hotel Rauhalahti, Katiskaniementie 8

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