Niittylahden retkeilyreitti

Niittylahti nature trail

Niittylahti-Asuma outdoor and recreational area.

Niittylahti Nature Trail

Niittylahdentie 98

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Niittylahti-Asuma area

Niittylahti nature trail from Tonkkurinmäki to Mustamäki connects Niittylahti and Asuma areas. The circular route is about 10 km long, but it can also be hiked in smaller parts. You can choose from, for example, the 2,4 km route to Tonkkurinmäki or the 8,1 km long circular route around Mustamäki, where is also a small shed with a fireplace. The shed can be reached via forest road that crosses the area. You can also just visit the observation tower, which is only 1 km away.

Niittylahti hiking area is located in Eastern Kuopio, along the road Vehmersalmentie and it is one of Kuopio’s most significant outdoor and recreational areas. The distance to from Kuopio is about 40 kilometers. There are two nature reserves and significant vantage points in the area. Niittylahti also has a beach for swimming and boats.

Starting point: Tonkkurinmäki parking lot, Niittylahdentie 98.

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