Etelä-Konneveden kansallispuisto

Southern Konnevesi National Park

Southern Konnevesi National Park

Törmälän Metsätie 136

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Hiking, canoeing and boating routes of Southern Konnevesi National Park

In Southern Konnevesi, beautiful lake nature meets mountains and behind the barren rocky shores are hidden inland green groves. The three peaks of the national park area, Kalajanvuori, Loukkuvuori and Kituvuori, offer varied terrain for hikers who seeks for a challenge.

There are hiking, canoeing and boating routes in the area. Surrounding the national park, the clear-water Southern Konnevesi is full of small islands and islets – which is why it also offers a wonderful environment for all kinds of hiking. The Southern Konnevesi National Park is about an hour’s drive from the center of Kuopio.

Due to the steep terrain of the national park, hiking trails are mainly unsuitable for cycling but mountain biking is allowed due to everyman’s rights. Please stay on distinct paths and notice others moving along the paths.

How to get there?

  • Kalaja parking lot, Törmälän metsätie 136, Rautalampi (not maintained in winter)
  • Vuori-Kalaja accessible parking lot, Vuori-Kalajan metsätie 126, Rautalampi (intended only for people with disabilities)

Hiking trails and maps

Kalajan kierros (4,6 km nature trail)

  • When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the estimated travel time is 2-4 hours.
  • On the shore of Vuori-Kalaja there is a hut, a campfire site and a rowing boat for hikers. Please bring your own life jackets.
  • Starting point: Kalaja parking lot.

Kolmen vuoren vaellus (14 km circular nature trail)

  • When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the estimated travel time is 6-12 hours.
  • A very challenging, rocky trail, with large differences in altitude
  • Starting point: The trail starts from Vuori-Kalaja campfire site which is 1 km away from the Kalaja parking lot. The total length of the route is 16km.
Etelä-Konneveden kansallispuisto, naiset retkeilemässä
Etelä-Konneveden kansallispuisto, Vuori-Kalajan laavu

Hiking trails and maps

Loukkuvuoren lenkki (2,8km circular nature trail)

  • When there is no ice and snow on the ground, the estimated travel time is 2 hours
  • Starting point in Enonranta (landing point), suitable for boaters and canoers.
  • A challenging, rocky trail, with large differences in altitude.

Vuori-Kalajan accessible trail (300m)

  • Route for wheelchair users, assistant needed.
  • Estimated travel time is 30 minutes
  • Starting point: The Vuori-Kalaja accessible parking area

Boating and canoeing routes

An inland waterway across Southern Konnevesi runs east from Häyrylänranta in Konnevesi towards Konnekoski in Rautalampi. Routes diverging from this waterway include the one running northwards from Rääkänselkä to Närelahti, northwards from Mäkäräniemenselkä to Kivisalmi and southwards to Pitkäpohjanlahti. The waterway is 1.8 km deep. Proceed with caution outside the waterways, since plenty of shallows and underwater rocks appear at surprising locations in Southern Konnevesi. This waterway is challenging for inexperienced boaters.

There are several canoeing trails in the National Park and its surrounding areas that vary in length and difficulty.

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