Seinävuoren Rotkolaakso Tuusniemellä

Seinävuori Gorge Valley

Spectacular natural attraction in Tuusniemi

Seinävuori Gorge Valley


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Seinävuori Gorge Valley in Tuusniemi

The Seinävuori gorge valley is a natural wonder worth seeing in all its grandeur. It is located in Tuusniemi, approximately 55 kilometers from the center of Kuopio. Gorge valley, born from a rock fissure and shaped during the ice age, is approximately 500 meters long, 20-40 meters wide, and reaches a depth of up to 25 meters at its highest point. The impressiveness of this natural masterpiece, molded by nature over millennia, truly comes to life when experienced in person.

Around the Seinävuori gorge valley, there is a 2,4 kilometer long hiking trail. The trail can be challenging in some parts and runs close to the edge of the gorge, so special caution should be used, especially when hiking with children. It is also possible to hike all the way to Kaavinkoski, accumulating a distance of approximately 20 kilometers via Mäkimaja and Ahvenlampi lean-tos.

The Seinävuori gorge valley hiking destination is well-equipped. You can find a spacious lean-to with a fireplace, a viewing platform, a jetty, informational signs, a woodshed, and an outdoor toilet there.


  • Seinävuorentie, 71200 Tuusniemi
  • There are signs directing you to the location from Highway 9, whether you are approaching from Joensuu or Kuopio directions.
  • Due to the popularity of the site, Seinävuorentie is maintained during the winter.
    • The road is plowed up to the so-called lower parking area, from where there is also a path to the lean-to in front of the maintenance building. However, the road is not plowed all the way up to the viewpoint platform.

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